Queen’s Nutrition

Queen’s Nutrition | Rebrand, 2021

Logo Options

Three logo concepts were delivered. Queen’s chose the first option with the edit to trim Nutritional Products down to Nutrition. In this concept, the leaves serve as a crown & the rounded rectangle serves as a shelf for Queen’s to sit upon.

Branding | Illustration Accent

It was important to the client to incorporate other colors (besides green). They provided a sketch of an original flower artwork as well as preferred colors. This artwork was then vectorized & given more depth & intrigue. To achieve this effect, the color palette was extended to include tints & shades.

Branding | Lifestyle Textures


Product Photography

An important product for this store is their store brand nut mixes. A major priority is to get store brand products up on their website, so product photography was shot & a new label was mocked up in the above image.

Social Media | Instagram Posts


Queen’s Nutrition

Rebrand, 2021

Web Habits

Web Habits

Logo & Branding, 2020

Quiet Sleep

Quiet Sleep

A Storytelling Project, 2020

Design Portfolio Home

Full color professional self portrait. Long pastel hair is braided at the sides and pinned off the face.

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