Free Creative Resources | Stock Sites

These are my favorite stock site to use for graphic design work whether it be client work or portfolio work.

The Type column will show what type of assets each site offers. The full service type varies, but can include things like Photo, Vector, Video, Music, Sound, Templates, etc.

The Licensing Details column refers to whether you need to credit the creator when using an asset. They link to the licensing page where there may be further restrictions based on each of the company’s policies. I urge you to explore each licensing page before using assets to make sure you are legally using the assets provided.

I plan on adding to this list and creating additional posts with a wide variety of resources digital creators can use.

SiteTypeLicensing Details
PixabayFull ServiceNo Attribution Needed
FreePikFull ServiceAttribution Required Unless Paid Acct
PexelsPhoto & VideoNo Attribution Needed
NappyPhoto w/ DiveristyNo Attribution Needed
ShotStashPhotoNo Attribution Needed
UnsplashPhotoNo Attribution Needed
PxHerePhotoNo Attribution Needed
CoverrVideoNo Attribution Needed
PixedenDesign & WebNo Attribution Needed
MockupworldMockupsMixed Licensing • See Individual Asset
Google FontsFontsNo Attribution Needed
DaFontFontsMixed Licensing • See Individual Asset
MixkitVideo & MusicNo Attribution Needed
The Noun ProjectIcon & VectorAttribution Required
VecteezyVectorAttribution Required
Subtle Patterns by ToptalPatternsAttribution Required

I am not affiliated with any of these companies and do not get paid to recommend them. I have come across them through my career and love to share resources when I can. Please make sure you do your own research into the licensing details. It is your responsibility to ensure you are following each site’s terms and services.