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Left side depicts a mock up of the Web Habits logo on an iMac computer screen. The right side depicts the Web Habits logo on a white background. The Web Habits logo is of a white rabbit with red, green, and blue glitches distorting the edges of the rabbit. Underneath the rabbit in all caps is the Web Habits word mark. For use to advertise my freelance design gigs.

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About Me

I am a creator through & through. My journey started in the photography world between wedding, sports, & school photography always looking to capture the best picture. Since then, I have landed in graphic design curating an experience for my clientele’s audiences. Graphic design has swept me off my feet, I love working with all the moving parts that make up a finalized design. This field is one of constant learning & problem-solving. Some of my core strengths come from tinkering with processes, automation, & documentation. I thrive when I am in the middle of puzzling out a workflow that allows me to create more efficiently & effectively (it’s so rewarding😄).

On Artistic Expression

In my spare time, I love creating experimental art. Typically, I end up with trippy visuals & have learned a lot about motion & music mediums from this experimentation. I tend to approach design in a very organized & meticulous manner. After all, a design’s success is measured in its ability to communicate. However, when it comes to art, my approach is incredibly chaotic.

Art is pure emotion & expression. I have fun with it & hope I can bring joy to others through my playful expressions of color & motion. Sometimes it feels like a manifestation of my Gemini energy♊️✌️

Professional Goals

In my professional life, I am currently looking to diversify my income streams. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I am working on building out products & services. Additionally, I am looking to work freelance/contract/part-time positions to keep a fresh perspective on the world of design. It is imperative to branch out & work with different industries to learn something new.

From everything that has transpired in the last year, I think it’s also important to not rely on one source of income as many have come to realize the traditional 9-5 is not as reliable as it once seemed. I’m working to create a sustainable career & network that will allow me to maintain a balanced & fulfilled life. To do this, I have a plan that addresses my short-term & long-term financial goals. My plan is also to document this process, build resources, & share my struggles + successes with others. I look forward to my bright future & to the success of those around me.