About Me

I am a creator through & through. My journey started in the photography world between wedding, sports, & school photography always looking to capture the best picture. Since then, I have landed in graphic design curating an experience for my clientele’s audiences. Graphic design has swept me off my feet, I love working with all the moving parts that make up a finalized design. This field is one of constant learning & problem-solving. Some of my core strengths come from tinkering with processes, automation, & documentation. I thrive when I am in the middle of puzzling out a workflow that allows me to create more efficiently & effectively (it’s so rewarding😄).

On Artistic Expression

In my spare time, I love creating experimental art. Typically, I end up with trippy visuals & have learned a lot about motion & music mediums from this experimentation. I tend to approach design in a very organized & meticulous manner. After all, a design’s success is measured in its ability to communicate. However, when it comes to art, my approach is incredibly chaotic.

Art is pure emotion & expression. I have fun with it & hope I can bring joy to others through my playful expressions of color & motion. Sometimes it feels like a manifestation of my Gemini energy♊️✌️